In recent years, home buyers have raised the bar of expectations to an unprecedented level and Builders like you have consistently exceeded these challenges.  Tritan Drywall shares the same commitment to excellence. We continually review our pricing, service, and quality to offer our partners, you, the best product available.

Here are a few extras we provide that set us apart from our competitors:

  • Paint Out - Our crews mark all light/switch locations before hand.
    We inspect tubs and windows for damage.
  • Use 5/8" in the garage ceiling/common wall, regardless of homes
    location, in city or unincorporated.
  • Scrap and broom sweep upon completion.
  • Nail the perimeter/screw the field. We follow Building Code specs.
  • Use Sag-Resistant board on ceilings framed 24" on center.
  • Shim the walls with 1/4" s/r in baths using one-piece fiberglass units.
    This eliminates the "flareouts" common at the tub flanges.

Since the year 2000, we have been among the top three Residential Drywall Contractor Customers at our drywall supply company. We intend to repeat that title again this year. This means your "bottom line" is strengthened by our massive purchasing power.

Think of it as a "Sheetrock Co-op!" You team up with a partner offering the benefits of low pricing and a high level of service. We strive to be a part of your construction process solutions, not problems.

Our goal is to help make your jobs run smooth and uneventful.

We also offer excellent Tape, Bed and Texture services if your needs require.